Product : Biocide Ingredient : Triazine Appearance : Liquid Form

Due to the adverse effects on our industrial operations by Microorganisms over the last few years demand of biocides have increased tremendously. Biocides are chemical substances or microorganism intended to destroy or control the harmful organism.

Standard Technical Specification
Base Triazine Base
Active Content % > 30%
Flash Point >100DEGC
Soluble Water, Glycol
Packed 5GAL PAIL

A Biocide is defined as a chemical substance or microorganism intended to destroy, deter, render harmless or exert a controlling effect. It has mainly two types

Biocide: Aldehyde
Biocide: Amine

Biocide: Aldehyde


ADC-Solutions provides a highly effective potent blend of Aldehyde bases which is preferable in the onshore/offshore process. This chemical has biodegradable ingredients; which makes it easy to use with the systems when treated water is to be discharged into the sea, additionally, it does not cause foaming, this quality makes it appropriate for sterilization of drilling fluids.


ADC-Solutions offers fast and complete bacterial kill Biocide Aldehyde; with lesser chances of chemical tolerance for bacteria. It stops the growth of bacteria in an aqueous system and helps to add the biocidal blend to an aqueous system containing bacteria.

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Biocide Amine


ADC-Solutions provide, Biocide Amine; it is a water-soluble quaternary ammonium compound based bactericide. It includes the quality of broad sustained action with good penetrating qualities. We do provide customized amine-based biocides, as per clients need.


ADC-Solutions offers Biocide Amine; which is used to decrease the growth of bacteria in the water system; it comprises adding the biocide blend to an aqueous system containing bacteria.

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